Monday, May 7, 2012

monday meals

I said I would and here I am, listing all of my foods! I ended up eating about 1350 calories today, so I did pretty good. :) 

Breakfast was oatmeal and a chunk of fresh pineapple (yum!!)

Lunch was a wheat bagel with cream cheese (okay, not so healthy but it's alright)

Dinner was my favorite... taco salad! Romaine lettuce, seasoned ground beef, a couple of crumbled chips, avocado, beans, corn, onions, tomato, a little cheese, and fresh key lime juice on top! Mmmmm

For snacks I had some of my mom's amazing guacamole with a couple of chips (I'll be better!), a rice cake, and a homemade low-fat key lime ice cream sandwich made with greek yogurt. (Cool, right? The recipe is here:  I am going to work on modifying the recipe though because there is something a little weird about them... I think maybe crush the crackers for a coating or something? The texture is off but the flavor is yum! Anyway I'll do a blog post on them later!)

I have this weird feeling where I actually want to be active! That has never happened to me before... like hiking/biking/running actually sound FUN.  It is a good feeling and makes this easier. ;) More tomorrow!

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