Wednesday, February 27, 2013

meal plan for the week

Oops! Didn't really have time last night to update so here is my meal plan/ideas for the week.  And sorry in advance for this being a boring picture-less entry.


1 Starch + 1 Protein + 1 Fruit

- I got myself some Jimmy Dean Delights breakfast sandwiches at the Costco.  They are only 250 calories and pretty good actually! They have egg white and turkey sausage to make things lighter. I know it isn't good to eat processed food but I know these will help me out by being quick and getting rid of the craving for an Egg Mcmuffin.

- Oatmeal

- Small bowl of cereal with skim milk

- Eggs and Canadian Bacon

+ Apples or grapefruit

(Breakfast is definitely not my problem)


Protein + Veggies + maybe 1 small starch

- Turkey and provolone roll ups

- Spinach salad

- Tuna melt

- Canned Soup

- I bought a few Lean Cuisines for if I'm in a bind or am craving pasta too much.

- This delicious looking mexican tostada thing


Protein + Veggies

- Chicken Parmesan with no pasta, just veggies on the side (This is the BEST RECIPE by my favorite healthy eating website, Skinnytaste)

- Fish Tacos on corn tortillas

- Egg Salad Sandwiches on low calorie/carb bread

- "Yummy salad" (Just a salad with whatever good things we have on hand -- hard-boiled eggs, small amount of bacon, apples, toasted almonds, etc.)

- A lower calorie chicken pot pie with just a top crust

- Lettuce wraps with ground turkey

- Chicken and broccoli

- Chicken tikka masala with cauliflower rice


Have to have 1 protein with each snack

- Pistachios

- Apples with peanut butter

- Tilamook cheddar snack (just little pre-portioned pieces of sharp cheddar)

- Kashi Trail Mix granola bars

- Carrots

- Popcorn

So there is my week! Or a little over a week probably.  It looks like I need to figure out some more snacks so I'll keep you posted.

Stay tuned this week to see some recipes/tutorials for some of our dinners!

Monday, February 25, 2013

back again!

Okay yikes yikes yikes.  I am sitting here eating a bowl of chocolate pudding and looking at before and after fitness inspiration.  Gross. True story.  So... I think I need to get moving again with this blog!

I have lost more weight, which is nice, but I want it to go faster.  I am at 165-168 right now so I made a mini-goal to be 159 by the end of March.  I think it'll be good to be accountable to this blog again because I am in the biggest rut EVER.  I have no motivation, I am pretty sure I'm addicted to food.

I have been doing a workout DVD (Jillian Michaels Shred) off and on, which is really great. I cannot WAIT until it is warm outside though because I was having a lot of success and fun doing Couch to 5K--it's an app that tells you when to run, when to walk, and it works you up to running a 5k.  I'll need to figure out a way to get more working out in.

I'll put up my meal plan for the week tomorrow.  I need to wean myself from eating so much sugar and carbs (my weakness) and supplement with more vegetables.  I can do this!

I am so depressed but I need to look at the positive... I once weighed 189, and now I am down to 168.  21 lbs is not too shabby--I can do it!

Right: August 2011 - probably about 189, Left: December 2012 - 163ish

See you tomorrow!