Thursday, May 10, 2012

tuesday and wednesday


So on Tuesday, I knew we'd be eating out for dinner (Happy birthday Kimo, Lauren, and me!) so I tried to keep my breakfast really light to save a few calories.  I got this awesome mini-watermelon from Bountiful baskets as well as some mint, so:

Breakfast - Mini watermelon cubed with mint

Lunch - Cafe Rio Tostada Salad: Okay, this is a GREAT tip for eating out at Cafe Rio.  Get a tostada with a flour tortilla and take some of the crunchy chips off (or leave them off entirely).  It is the same thing as a salad but in a smaller portion and ends up being only 600 calories (Yes, I am saying "only" 600 calories. It's Cafe Rio, have you ever eaten a burrito there? Yeah.) Oh and also it's cheaper. :)

Dinner - Massaman Curry with some rice.  I scarfed it and this is when I remembered to take a pic:

I ate about 1300ish calories that day even with eating out and felt real proud of myself.


Breakfast - oatmeal

 Lunch - turkey sandwich from Subway

And dinner we ate out again and I forgot to take a pic.  And I'm really glad I didn't take a pic because it was a cheesy delicious plate of enchiladas from Mi Ranchito (we were invited out for another birthday dinner) and I for sure shouldn't have eaten it.

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  1. That baby watermelon is so cute!!! And Cafe Rio tostadas are the best can even get the wheat tortillas...delish.