Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh, Easter Candy.

Hmmm, so I'm not off to the most wonderful start. What a mystery!

Yeah, we made out pretty good this Easter. ;) And the reason you don't see much chocolate is because I've been eating it bit by bit since Sunday! We might need to lock this stuff up or something.

I'm being patient with myself, though, and I feel happy because I've been trying to exercise a lot more (a lot more than zero, I mean) and it feels good.

I also got a mini-whiteboard and started writing out our entire week of dinners so we have no excuses for eating out or feeling like we don't have any food. It's really helpful for me--planning things out is like 90% of this for me!

I'm going to weigh in on Friday, so stay tuned!!

ps. They are pouring foundation for our new house, hurray!!!


  1. I love this blog for making your goal a community event. Your community. And I'm so grateful I'm part of your community.

    You're inspiring me. I've been sedentary for the past year or so. I'm looking at the candy and remembering how I've always been able to loose weight when I've wanted to. (this is where some of my friends will say, "Shut up, Melody. You have no idea what it's like." -- yes, my friend said that and we love each other dearly.) What I mean is, well, I'm glad you don't deprive yourself of occasional sweets. I could never survive without sweets.

    So, anyway, what just struck me while I was looking at that gorgeous photo of candy was this: Exercise is the biggie. At least for me. It's not about the candy or lack thereof. When I exercise routinely (everyone defines what that means for them) I loose weight. Personally, I don't really see results for about three weeks. But, without exception, every time I've undertaken the task of dropping poundage, I've reminded myself to simply Keep Doing It. Exercising. It works. When I keep doing that, the food part seems to fall into place. I want to eat better, healthier. It may not be like this for everyone, but it is for me.

    And, as you may know, I'm not a big athlete/runner/work-out kind of person. I just do what I love - walking, swimming, Yoga sometimes, and hard, sweaty work in the garden.

    I've noticed that my commitment level ebbs and flows. I accept that. But Keep Doing It. That's all. You didn't really ask for my ideas or experience, but I thought I'd share it. Love ya.

  2. Now, I'm going out for a walk. Bye.

  3. Thanks Mama Mel! I do have to let myself have a treat every now and again or I get too grumpy (okay, maybe that's a sign of my sugar addiction... oops!) but you're right. I am trying to do exercises that are fun and don't seem like exercising. :)