Monday, April 23, 2012

yummy pork and exercise

I'm still stuck at 172.2--but at least I haven't gone up.  Things are happening pretty slow compared to times I've done this before. Or maybe I'm getting old. I don't know, but obviously I'm not going to be able to make my birthday goal so I am changing it to "Be under 170 by my birthday May 1st" :)

My dear husband made this yummy meal last week on our grill pan (I don't recommend it... they always use it on cooking shows like "Oh perfect! Now you don't need a grill" Uh, no. It makes your house all smoky and stinky for days. But it makes yummy food!)

The recipe is here:   I would go easy on the chili powder, that was the one flavor that was a little off for me

I've been exercising a bunch! We took this photo before we left and it turns out my front tire was completely flat. Haha. So I ended up riding Luke's bike and he rode his mountain bike. His frame was huge for me and I was a big baby the whole time because I felt so helpless on that big bike... so this picture is a little misleading. ;)

Then last night after a wonderful Haab family barbeque, Michelle, Chase, Luke and I went hiking on a little canyon trail behind our house. It was wonderful! Next time we need to bring water though, we got pretty parched.

I feel really proud of myself because I haven't sabotaged myself once since I've started this. Usually if I mess up and eat something high in calories or bad for me I'll go "Well, I screwed up. I might as well eat whatever I want the rest of today" but this time around I've had so much more self-control so hurray! I was even in line at Joann's Fabrics the other day FOREVER (How can people have so many fabric related problems at the register!?!?) and I was next to a wall of candybars for the duration of that long wait. I didn't buy one or look longingly at them at all! Hurray!

Love you guys! More tomorrow.


  1. yey!! glad things are going well.

  2. someone has a nice booty, and its. . me.
    baha, lets go hiking again. asap.

  3. Rach! This is so awesome, I've been trying to ride my bike as well, it's the best. Sometimes I even feel an ab work out despite all the leg work haha! We got Austin a bike as well, and it's so much fun. We haven't gone together though, yet. Great idea!